Monday, July 03, 2017

Treat yourself to a little daily indulgence, with VANILLA BLUSH COFFEE SCRUB. Our most luxury scrub yet, with soft hints of warm vanilla and all the goodness of coffee. VB is perfect for all skin types including sensitive due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Turn your shower into a tropical vacay with COCO LUXE COFFEE SCRUB. Busting with skin loving antioxidants, coco luxe coffee scrub works hard, to keep your skin deliciously soft and smooth with super ingredients to fight dry skin, cellulite and pesky stretchmarks.

Spoil your skin with Oily Love. This lavish blend includes coconut, macadamia, olive, jojoba and grapeseed oils, which are proven to improve overall skin quality while hydrating, nourishing, diminishing dryness, reducing wrinkles andeasing irritation. Apply generously after any of our scrubs and get ready to glow from head to toe.

100% Australian Made & Owned.

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